Eligibility Criteria

For Student

To become a student-member of the institute, one must match the following criteria:

  • Possess an accredited bachelor (02 years) degree or equivalent PLUS five (05) years professional experience OR an accredited bachelor (04 years) degree PLUS three (03) years professional experience.
  • Possess a master degree or equivalent PLUS two (02) years professional experience.
  • Hold a professional designation from (national and international) recognized professional bodies PLUS two (02) years approved internship or business attachment acceptable by the institute.

For (Certified Financial Analysts) Designation

A student who successfully completes the following is awarded the (Certified Financial Analysts) designation:

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  1. Pass the knowledge and skills frameworks examination and submit an approved thesis / dissertation on industry related new contents,
  2. Followed by a Personal Presentation / Online Interview,
  3. Satisfy the aforementioned experience requirement, and
  4. Adhere to the code of ethics and standard professional conduct.

For PC (Practicing Certificate)

After receiving the (Certified Financial Analysts) designation, a member can apply for Practicing Certificate upon fulfillment of the following conditions:

Application on prescribed form to mention the potential working area of professional interest,

Maintain the (Certified Financial Analysts) designation in good standings,

Satisfy the three (03) years CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirement, and

Personal Indemnity Insurance (PII), if any, required under applied working area.