Program Methodology


Because the (Certified Financial Analysts) course contents are designed (and redesigned) after specific and phenomenal reviews, the program methodology used in this program differs from the ones with the similar curriculum. It follows the following methodology:

An extensive fundamental framework to cover the main Knowledge areas (See the detail in Program-Structure part). In this stage the student is expected to learn the multi-dimensional boundaries of knowledge.

An explicit and specific framework to cover the market-required Skill areas that are organized through industry research, analysis and development. In this stage the student is required to learn industry practice, tools, techniques and alternative course of actions to use the learnt knowledge in above framework.

An Applied framework in which the student is required to submit a thesis / dissertation followed by a Personal Presentation / Online Interview to describe new original research in related industry. At this stage the student is expected to have mastered in required knowledge areas, tools, techniques, and desired alternative course of actions in a real-life practical situation.

A CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirement to be eligible for a PC (Practicing Certificate) and to ensure the student''s learnt Knowledge, Skill and Application competencies. Through this learning process, professional ethics aimed at inculcating in the student an ethical approach in his/her professional interactions and a sense of personal, corporate and social responsibilities.